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About Michelle Lockey

This Biologist turned Multi - Award Winning Singer-Songwriter, TV Composer/Blogger/Workshop holder, never thought she would be where she is today. “I always suffered from shyness, low self esteem and low self worth. I used to try and sing to some of my favorite artists’ records when I was young and because I could not sing as high as them I thought I wasn’t a good singer. It was always something I yearned for though, to be a singer” Flash forward to high school and Michelle landed the role as Daisy Mae in Lil Abner. She was a mostly a closet singer, but did some background acting in the school musicals but this time she somehow got the guts to try out for the lead. It was a great role for her and she did great, however, she ended up erasing the audio her mother recorded because she was embarrassed to have people hear it! "Looking back, I was good" It was all in how she viewed herself. Michelle put music on by the wayside after high school and studied Biology, worked in a lab, and then in the training arena for years. Eventually she got the nerve to dabble in Karaoke. Then she joined a church, and their choir, took singing lessons, learned the Ukulele, keyboard and guitar. A few years ago, she graduated to Open Mics, the church’s worship band and then eventually to her own gigs. “I was always so scared when I first started off. I didn’t think I was good enough, so why would anyone else? I was also deathly afraid of forgetting the words!”